Audition Information

Choose an audition date and complete our online registration form.

At the auditions, all will be considered for Theatre Company roles and FunStar Cast and Host Park roles where available.

Simply come along 30 minutes before the audition starts and sign in. You will need to bring your CV and a photograph, along with any evidence of your previous experience (videos, youtube clips and/or photographs) to present at interview.

Below is a list of roles available. Please read the guide for your chosen role. You are welcome to audition for multiple roles. Click here to view our upcoming audition dates and venues.

Principal Singers / Actors who move well

Excellent pitch, harmony and versatile actors. Able to sing a variety of styles to include rock, pop and musical theatre. Ability to play an instrument is highly advantageous.

At your audition you must sing from our list of audition tracks as well as performing a song of your choice.

Click here to download our audition tracks and get rehearsing.

Cast Dancers

Professionally trained all rounders with charisma and acting ability.
Vocal experience or able to play an instrument advantageous.

At your audition you will be taught a short combination by one of our talented choreographers.

Please attend audition with full stage make-up wearing comfortable foot wear.

Main Stage Presenters

Off the wall, zany Presenters to bring alive our interactive family experience onstage and around resort. You will be the face of the resort, driving fun in our produced stage concepts and outdoor events.

You will need to prepare a 5 minute gameshow to present at your audition.

Event Hosts

Off the wall, zany Hosts to support our Main Stage Presenter to bring alive our interactive family experience onstage and around resort.